How it works

 Here at Feet-1st, we make two types of castings; 3D castings which are a 3D replica of your childs hand or foot  and Impressions which are a 2D outprint taken in clay.

3D Casting

 Our 3D Sculptures are made by taking a mould of your baby's foot or hand using Alginate, which is a skin safe soft setting solution,that we have used for over 10 years. We have our alginate specially mixed for us. A protective barrier cream is used on the skin prior to the casting taking place. The castings appointment for 3D castings is done in the mornings and usually takes around an hour for 2 castings. It doesn't matter if your child wriggles, or needs a feed, and they don't have to be asleep it only takes a few minutes per mould. 3D plasters are usually ready in approx, 4 weeks, framed 8 weeks. Resins and glass work ready in 10 weeks. Bronzes ready in 12 weeks.

Impression casting

Our impressions, are taken in a quick and easy way, we simply press your children's hand or foot into a soft terracotta clay and that's their bit done! Impression appointments are in the morning and usually take around 40 minutes. All the rest is done by us. Turnaround time for impressions is 3/4 weeks for hanging impressions. approx. 8 weeks for framed impressions. We can take impressions from approx.1 week in age upwards.

A bit about us...

Feet-1st is a family business run by Chloe Constantine and Pippa Campbell. We have been making impressions and sculpture castings for over 15 years.  We use carefully selected suppliers for our materials, frames, foundry and glass work, all other aspects of the casting process, we produce ourselves. We spend 50% of our time on the road on home visits, the other 50% of our castings are taken from either of our homes in Sutton, Surrey or in Tooting, London.

Pippa has a strong art background, working in the art department for commercials, documentaries and films for 13 years. She has also worked on large scale events and for a well known interior design company, before training and moving in to casting and sculptures. Pippa has an HND in Art and Design and has two children, aged 19 and 17 

Chloe has a business and project background working in the TV industry in production for 12 years, moving in to  events for 7 years, before training in casting and joining forces with Pippa to start up a business of their own. Chloe has 2 children, 14 and 12 years. Feet-1st has full Public Liability Insurance and both of us have fully updated police disclosure forms (CRB) from working locally with children and schools.