Pet Prints

Our pets are part of the family too, we can take impressions of cats and dogs paws to create impression out-prints. Our finishes are in plaster with our Feet-1st pet prints terracotta style finsh or in Bronze or Aluminium resin, all can be framed in open framed or box frames with our hand painted frames or as hanging prints with ribbon. please contact us for more info [email protected]

plaster paw print in Open frame £95

Hanging Plaster Paw print £65

2 paw print framed in Elpehants breath box frame £135

Cat paw prints in box frame £135

Cat paw print in Oak Vaneer frame  £135

Aluminum resin paw print hanging £195

Bronze resin paw imression in open frame £225

Bronze resin paw print framed in Dove grey box frame £275

Aluminum resin paw print framed in White  £275